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Activated carbon air cleaner with Photocatelyst filter with HEPA filter with humidifier with UV Lamp

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1.HEPA of high efficiency;Activated carbon;Nano photocalyst 
2.Plasma generator 
3.UV lamp 
4.Remote control 
5.Time setting

Tech data

Model:  OLS-AF-001

Power: 43W              

Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V~  50/60Hz

Air flow: 200m3/h               

Applicable area: 40m2                 

Net weight: 5kg Gross weight:5.8KG                

Dimensions(product): 330*180*505(mm)      

Dimensions(carton): 378*226*557(mm)      

Stow capacity:  20ft /540, 40ftHQ /1350


 Product features

• HEPA filter effectively filters dust particles, pollen, and bacteria above 0.01 microns for second-to-none purification

Activated carbon filter-Highly effective           

Nano photocatelyst filter   

Anion generator generator              

UV light-Sterrilizing light              

Air quality sensor and particulate matter sensor              

Remote control and touch panel control

Time setting 

Adjustment of air speed    

Optional equipments: Vitamin C / Catechin / DNA



Home, Living room, hotel, school, clinic,hospital, kitchen, warehouse, garage, restaurant, bar, etc.


Efficient Area: Control up to 3,500 square feet of coverage



Remove odors, tobacco smoke, fume, foodsmell, beverage smell, pet smell.

Eliminate dust, pollen, allergy, mold

Kill bacterial, virus, germ

Help you breathe and sleep better!

Improve human immunity

Clear static, restore the body's activity

Clean indoor air, dust, dust fall

Kill bacteria, remove the virus microorganisms

Increase brain oxygen, and enhance the function of the cardiovascular system

Treatment of acidic system disease is a blood filter

Removing formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful chemicals

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