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The effect of hydrogen-rich water depend on the hydrogen concentration

The key to make hydrogen water work is all kinds of advanced technology that make the water dissolved enough concentrations of hydrogen. Hydrogen water is the key to hydrogen aquatic products, in order to solve the problems of the hydrogen leak, many manufacturers have adopted abroad monthly distribution method.This is to minimize inventory time and increase the amount of hydrogen.It is also possible to optimize the packaging technology so that the retention time of the hydrogen is extended.
A lot of people have this question, isn't there any hydrogen in the water?There is no hydrogen in ordinary water.Of course water is made of two hydrogens and one oxygen atom, but atoms are not molecules.Like glucose containing three atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen and oxygen ratio is 2:1, but there is no molecular state of glucose carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, no water molecules.It's easy to understand that you just have to take a secondary chemistry course.
Hydrogen is 1 elements in the periodic table, is minimal and most elements in the universe, a single hydrogen atom can't exist in the atmosphere of the earth's surface, many bacteria and plants can produce hydrogen molecules, but because of the hydrogen molecular weight is small, very easy to rise into the upper atmosphere, so the hydrogen concentration in the surface of the earth is very, very small.From a biological standpoint, this concentration does not have any effect on the body and the organism.
Molecule is more than two atomic matter state, some are the same atoms, such as hydrogen are the two hydrogen atoms, also have different atoms, such as the water is two two kinds of hydrogen and one oxygen atom.Hydrogen is a gas state in common conditions, so hydrogen molecules generally refer to hydrogen.The two atoms that make up the hydrogen molecule together have two pairs of electrons to form a strong covalent bond, and the structure is more stable.
Human and animal drinking water, hydrogen hydrogen can quickly through the stomach and spread to the mucous membrane of the oral mucosa, and then into the blood vessels, with the circulation of the blood into the body parts, most of them soon after breathing released into the atmosphere.This process can be reference for the absorption of alcohol after drinking, the police can let the driver blew monitor analysis whether alcohol and alcohol, if you need more accurate data, you need to collect blood gas chromatography analysis.In order to analyze the body after drinking water or hydrogen breath hydrogen hydrogen level, scientists can also refer to the method of alcohol analysis, gathering breath or blood gas, respectively, with hydrogen detector or gas chromatography for quantitative analysis.
Hydrogen solubility in water is lower, under normal circumstances about 18 milliliters of hydrogen per 1000 ml can dissolve the largest, is about 0.804 millimoles, scientific measuring concentration of record of 0.804 millimoles/l (mM).Many hydrogen products use PPM as a unit, and PPM concentration is a millionth of the mass of the solution in solute quality, which is closely related to the density of the solvent.It's easy to calculate, because every mole of hydrogen is equal to 2 grams, 0.804 millimoles of hydrogen is equal to 0.804 times 2/1000 is equal to 1.608 milligrams.The mass of 1,000 milliliters is 1,000 grams.1.608 milligrams of hydrogen/(1000 * 1000) milligrams of water = 1.608 PPM.The idea is to dissolve 1.608 mg of hydrogen per milligram of water, or 1.608 kg of hydrogen per million kilograms of water.
Many people know that the hydrogen can be used as energy, the energy has been used in the fuel of the space flight, because the hydrogen as an energy does not produce any pollution, was used as a concept of green energy in the future.
In recent 10 years, the molecular hydrogen is scientists found that have the effect that promote cell metabolism and relieve inflammation, has received extensive attention of medical biologists, since 2007 has published more than 700 academic theses.Hydrogen medical research in the past, we have introduced, we will also trace of some new research content, hydrogen introduce in a timely manner to the general medical colleagues and fans.
Although the content of hydrogen in the atmosphere today, but the hydrogen was once widely distributed on the earth, some scholars put forward, it is the ancient earth water containing large amounts of hydrogen provides key conditions for the origin of life.
A Study by the university of Colorado suggests that the Earth's Early Atmosphere was Rich in Hydrogen, contributing To the origin of Life "CU Study Shows Early Earth Atmosphere hydrogen-rich.
According to the study, the early earth atmosphere of hydrogen concentration as high as 40%, very suitable for the formation of the original life. With the passage of time, the small particles of hydrogen, such as hydrogen, gradually spread to the outer layer of the atmosphere and lost in the vast universe. Resulting in the Earth's atmosphere is very rare in the proportion of hydrogen, only about 0.5ppm (note that the hydrogen is very different with the ppm). So the water on the surface of the earth contains a very small amount of hydrogen (only 1.8% of the gas is dissolved in water).
If you want to increase the amount of hydrogen dissolved, it is necessary to try to increase the concentration of hydrogen on the surface of the water, technically we tend to increase the gas / water specific surface area. It is understood here that most of the water dissolves a considerable amount of oxygen and nitrogen, since the two gases have a large surface area of ​​gas / water in contact with water and are the main components of ubiquitous air. If there is only hydrogen in the earth's atmosphere, then all the natural water of the earth is hydrogen.
Human beings and other organisms do not abandon the hydrogen, in people and many mammals in the intestine, there are specialized in the synthesis of hydrogen bacteria, but these bacteria will be generated by other bacteria such as methane bacteria digestion, only a few can enter the body. We can discuss the topic of natural hydrogen sources in the body.
Hydrogen has no effect, the key is the concentration of hydrogen, although there is no standard on the concentration of hydrogen, but from the academic point of view, the higher the concentration of hydrogen the better, because the high concentration of the effect can cover low concentrations, and hydrogen is not toxic, So from the effect point of view should try to increase the concentration.