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we are not worried about formaldehyde any more

The front-end time news assured that a family in Beijing had been born to a child who had been allergic to formaldehyde in the home and had to be sent to hospital for treatment without serious consequences.Events such as is common in our daily life, because we are many items will release of formaldehyde in the home, and adults resistance are much better than the baby to formaldehyde, and adapt to the environment, it is difficult to detect formaldehyde in the air.But the child is different, because the body resistence is poor, the demand that is to the environment also is very high, so easily can cause discomfort to the environment.Formaldehyde, in particular, is a chemical contaminant that contains a lot of irritating substances and carcinogens, which are extremely bad for babies.


How to solve the problem of formaldehyde pollution?There are a lot of ways to get rid of formaldehyde in your life.For example, the air freshener, peel adsorption, and so on, the vast majority of them are useless, and some of them have a small effect, but they can't completely purify the formaldehyde in the air.For example, the tea leaves can absorb the formaldehyde molecules in the air and act as a small area purification.But the adsorption capacity is too low to remove the formaldehyde in the room.So purify formaldehyde, must examine professional purify method.Currently, the market is specialized in the purification of formaldehyde, the introduction of air purifier products, using special technology to filter, can clean the formaldehyde in the indoor air very well.