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What can air purifiers do? Do you know the whole thing?

Air purifier has increasingly become one of the indispensable household electrical appliances, our family has a lot of netizens for air purifier is not very understand what are the basic functions, today small make up to summarize what time, the basic function is the most comprehensive air purifiers on the market, for your reference.


1. Removal of PM2.5

Pm2.5 is one of the main ingredients to indoor air pollution, pm2.5 particle size is small, the area is large, the activity is strong, easy with poisonous and harmful substances, and stay in the atmosphere longer, transmission distance, and to human health and the impact of atmospheric environment quality.They hide in the air, people can't identify with the naked eye, so pm2.5 is a healthy invisible killer, so the air purifier has become people to get rid of pm2.5 hopes rest, fortunately, trend of air purifier can do it, it USES the multi-layer filter, the particles in the air is filtered out little by little.


2. Removal of formaldehyde

The main harm of formaldehyde is the stimulation of skin mucous membrane, formaldehyde is in indoor reach certain concentration, the person is uncomfortable feeling.More than 0.08 m3 of formaldehyde can cause eye red, itchy eyes, sore throat or pain, hoarse, sneeze, chest, asthma, dermatitis, etc.Newly decorated room formaldehyde content is higher, it is the main cause of numerous disease.Formaldehyde is the most commonly polluted air in the indoor material, also calculate is people's heart disease.Faced with formaldehyde, al baker coconut shell activated carbon filter layer is adopted to purify, coconut shell activated carbon adsorption formaldehyde is the best material, its environmental protection, the adsorption capacity is much, purifying effect is also very strong, so al baker air purifier also by consumers become bane is formaldehyde.


3. Degerming


Most harmful to the body of bacteria in the air, bacteria can cause many symptoms, so to prevent air pollution damage to people will remove the bacteria in the air, in the face of bacteria tend to have in the air purifier, catalyst, ultraviolet light, ozone, considering the hidden trouble in ozone levels of ozone, al adopted photocatalytic air purifier in baker and ultraviolet sterilization technology, ensure the safety of the air.


4. Dedusting 

Air purifier electrostatic dust collection technology is using the principle of high voltage electrostatic adsorption, will the contaminants in the air, the same as the foundation purification technology, is widely used in indoor air purifier.It is the traditional modern technology of air purification technology.Efficiently remove particulate pollutants from the air, such as dust, soot, pollen, cigarette odor and kitchen smoke.It also can effectively adsorb gaseous pollutants in the air and filter out the tiny organisms in the air.