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Hydrogen-rich water keeps you from sub-health

In our country, generally there are a lot of people will have the symptoms of sub-health, and health to our body health damage is progressive, so must be caused take seriously, timely to recuperate.Today, I'd like to introduce ya's healthy diet.


Eating advice for sub-healthy


Eat fatty food properly. Fatty  foods should not be eaten too much, but we have to eat them.Because lipids are necessary for brain activity, a lack of lipids can affect the brain's normal thinking.But if you eat too much, it makes you feel drowsy, and it accumulates in the long run.


Make a meal plan.Each month should be weighed, and according to the seasonal food supply, the general condition of the food variety and collocation of next month.A food diary is more necessary for people with different weight indicators.


Replenish the necessary vitamins.The role of vitamins in the human body is very large, not lacking.Work in the text, or often operate computers vulnerable to vision loss, the symptom such as memory loss, effect of vitamin A to prevent visually impaired to A certain extent, can eat more fish, pork liver, eels and other foods rich in vitamin A supplement.


Drink more hydrogen water.Toxicity of hydroxyl radicals and nitrous acid anion free radicals, which is very easy and intracellular life macromolecular substances such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, irreversible chemical reaction, cause these molecules lethal damage, namely the oxidative damage.This is the most common and basic pathologic mechanism of all disease development, and sub-health is no exception.


Too Tian Chengnan professor at Nippon Medical School in 2007 in the world famous magazine, Nature Medicine, published his paper "Hydrogen, ACTS as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals (Hydrogen by selectively reducing cytotoxicity as the oxygen free radical oxidation treatment)" and points out that for the selective oxidation of Hydrogen material, can eliminate human body free radical, improve or even eliminate the sub-health status of human body.


Long-term sub-health is likely to induce various diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, tumor, diabetes, fatty liver, atherosclerosis and so on.Therefore, we should eat sensibly, exercise, pay attention to sleep, get rid of sub-health as soon as possible and prevent disease from being cute.