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How to identify the quality of HEPA filter in air purifier?

The HEPA filter has different density, and the larger the area after extension, the better.But how does the material itself recognize its quality?Is there a simpler way?


The air purifier is more HEPA filter as the selling point, but HEPA filter also has the quality score.


First, what is a HEPA air purifier in the HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air, namely the High efficiency particulate air filter, HEPA for short), is the core component of blocking tiny particles, so its quality directly determines the purification performance of air purifier.
So, as a general consumer, how to quickly identify the quality of various HEPA when buying air purifiers and buying a filter for replacement?
Here are five things we recommend to consider:
1, the larger the area, the better
Reason: the extended area is the total area of the folded filter materials to be formed into the plane, which is used to filter the total area of the dirty air.For two purifiers that also have the same air volume, the extended area will be more efficient when the wind speed is slower through the filter air.
Simple analysis: the extended area is proportional to the length, width, thickness and folding density of the filter frame.Simply put, we want to pick big, thick and dense mesh.
2. The less resistance, the better
Reason: the smaller the resistance of the filter material, the cleaner's fan can work more labor-saving, the benefit is the sound is small, and still save electricity.It is important to note that the average person is prone to think that resistance is inversely proportional to filtration efficiency, but not exactly.The development of new technology is making the filter material move towards low resistance and high efficiency.
Simple analysis: blow.The two pieces of the filter are used to air the air in the air inlet, and then the other hand feels the size of the airflow, and the resistance of the filter screen can be roughly resolved.
3. The bacteriostatic filter is more reliable
Reason: the air purifier will repeatedly with a certain humidity of indoor air filter, bacteria attached on the mesh material easily, and then to grow and as again spread to the indoor airflow, produce secondary pollution.If the province has the function of inhibiting bacterial growth, it can reduce or even avoid secondary pollution.
Simple analysis: check the product promotional materials and see if the manufacturers specify that the filter has antibacterial function.At present, most air purifiers do not have antibacterial ability, and increasing bacteriostatic function is believed to be the trend.
4. Electrostatic filter is preferred
Reason: the electrostatic filter material was implanted in a special production process will be charge in advance within the screen, when using do not need to electricity can release charge, so as to improve the adsorption of mesh filter ability, at the same time reduce the wind resistance, as a result no high voltage electric field, also will not produce ozone.Electrostatic filters are often used by some high-end air purifiers.
Simple analysis: to identify whether the filter is static and invisible to the naked eye.Can tear off a small piece of chip from the screen or a few thin filamentous material, and then use without static finger touch, if you can stick on your fingers don't fall down, you can know whether the electrostatic filter.
5. Appearance details
Reason: the appearance of details can indirectly reflect the factory production technology level, for the lack of professional testing means ordinary consumers, observe the appearance of the mesh details is a simple and effective method.
Simple analysis: the border is smooth and easy to seal, and the uneven borders are prone to air leakage.The filter paper surface is flat and tight.In addition, you can through the filter paper can be folded in half way to distinguish the stand or fall of filter material, good quality filter paper to its own elastic recover, but the quality is almost the filter material can produce obvious crease.
Have pp, PET, PTFE three material HEPA filter can be clean, but in order to guarantee the effect of air purification, personal advice or don't wash, direct replacement, because when cleaning does not exclude dirt completely, at the same time, when cleaning the use of external force, also could damage the small filter mesh internal structure, and affect its ability to filter.Obviously, we buy a purifier to protect our family, not save money.