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Use a "fresh" car air purifier in Dragon Boat Festival

Drivers who often drive a car may know that the car has a smell in the car for a long time.Some friends may place air fresheners or charcoal to absorb odors in their cars, but this is only a passive scavenger.Now, the Olansi air purifier is coming.The combination of various purification techniques, the initiative and the car "toxin" say goodbye.


1, The new car often directly into the market as soon as he got off the production line, all kinds of accessories and materials of harmful gases and odor release period, will directly cause the in-car air pollution.
2, A lot of people like beautiful car act the role ofing is put in the car, but the decoration materials containing toxic gases, such as benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, xylene.
3. A long time not to clean the car air conditioning evaporator care, its internal attach to a lot of dirt, the amine, nicotine, bacteria and other harmful substance diffuses in the car in the narrow space, lead to in-car air quality becomes poor or even lack of oxygen.
4. The air in the car will also be affected by bad air quality.In addition, emissions from the road, PM2.5, industrial dust and bacteria are all sources of pollution.
So how do you solve the air pollution in the car?
Car air purifier using electrostatic dust removal principle, can the foul air suction device, into the high voltage electrostatic field, by corona discharge air ionization, form the local low temperature plasma, and generate trace ozone, oxidation and harmful gas, kill bacteria.
The dust, soot and bacteria in the air are charged in the electric field and attached to the dust collector.The air from the electrostatic field is purified by a highly efficient filtration system, which releases clean air with negative oxygen ions at the exit.
Compared with other conventional methods of air purification, car air purifier is simple in equipment, purification ability, wide applicable scope, the effect lasting stability, no secondary pollution and low maintenance cost, etc.
So vehicle-mounted air purifiers are a very necessary vehicle that can provide a lot of protection for our health. Pick up a Olansi's air purifier for your car and wash your lungs.