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To analyze the trend and prospect of domestic air purifier brand

The smog of the past 2016 has left people with a lot of heart palpitations, and the environmental damage has made the air quite bad, which is a global problem.Under environmental damage, air purifiers also carry oil.The data found that the air purifier industry grew more efficiently than 57% last year, a fairly rapid figure.What about the development of domestic air purifiers?How should air purifiers take the direction of development?


The birth of a new industry always requires a consumer acceptance process.Past data analysis has found that before 2012, the heat of the air purifier keywords was quite low, starting in 2013 with the industry growing.And the economy is improving in two years, while air quality is falling.Although the two factors are not directly responsible for the air purifier industry, there is also a link.Add in the importance of the current policy to the environmental protection industry, and the air purifiers must have a promising future at home.


In addition, can reference abroad the brand and the market trend, can reflect the development trend of domestic market.The air purifier industry is by far the leading brand of air purifiers, Germany's famous air purifier brand, francois hollande.Mr Hollande is not only doing well in Germany, but even in the global market.From the development and development patterns of hollande, we can see that the development of the industry is on the trend.For example, the development of the us, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries has created a huge market.The economic and environmental conditions of these countries three years ago are very similar to those of the present country.So there must be a peak boom in domestic industries.It's just a matter of time.


So what should be the focus of future development of air purifiers?The author believes that the first thing any industry wants to develop is innovation.Innovation in product innovation, marketing model innovation, management model.In addition, it is to learn the development model of the leading brand in the industry.Of course, it is also possible to understand the industry's leading companies.Note that copying is not the same as copying. It is the ability to extract excellence from others, which can be combined with the circumstances of their own circumstances, and therefore to be used for themselves.For the moment, the air purifier industry can only be seen as the most valuable brand in Germany.This is not because the high brand awareness, so is learning, but because the lande, operation mode and development of the concept in the market, not only has a great influence in the industry, in the commercial industry is good.


Mastering the leading technology, constant transcendence and innovation will surely become the future industry giant.Domestic air purifiers want to catch up with the world, and the first is to improve their models and improve their own technology and operations.Second, we must study the leading enterprises abroad, set a scientific and correct development goal and direction.