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A good negative ion air purifier Will make the wall black?

Lead: Recently, there are enthusiastic people to inquire, why the negative ion air purifier in home can make the wall black? What is the product problem, or another reason? This we interviewed the Jinan instrument testing center staff Li Gong.
Anion air purifier is a popular household purification equipment in recent years, is PM2.5 created products. Negative ions, as a natural substance carrying excess charge, can adsorb charged contaminants in the air and play a good air purifying effect. According to survey data: 72% of households buy anion air purifier is due to purify indoor PM2.5.
Wall black turned out to be a highly efficient representation of purification.
Members of the public call the consultation, the home of the negative ion air purifier in the use of a period of time, close to the machine wall has a slight black signs. Is the equipment out of the question, or is there another reason?
Jinan Instrument Testing Center of the staff Li Gong said that this is only a good performance of negative ion purification, is not the quality of negative ion air purifier. As for the black material on the wall, but the negative ions adsorbed particles of particles gathered from the large particles of the group.
As the negative ion generating source, the higher the concentration of the local ions is closer to the negative ion air purifier, and the negative ions have excellent dust-reducing effect. Therefore, the closer the location of the negative ion air purifier is, the more severe the deposition is on the wall The performance is that the walls have black place, the more away from the negative ion air purifier this situation lighter.
Negative ions on the particle size of the smaller the effect of dust settling better, this black phenomenon that the dust in the air is effectively settling, especially the purification of indoor PM2.5, eliminating these into the lungs with the breath into the human body The harm to human health.
Li Gong said that not all of the negative ion products are able to achieve the effect of making the wall black. Because the negative ion purification effect and negative ion air purifier release of the negative ion particle size is positively correlated.
At present, artificially generated anion technology has high requirements for ionization voltage, ionization voltage is generally above 8000v, so in the ionization of negative ions accompanied by ozone, nitride and other derivatives, the release of negative ion concentration is low, large particle size, utilization Lower. In particular, after 2011, the scientific research and technology to the negative ion air purifier to release the "small particle size, high activity, migration distance, equivalent to nature" of the ecological negative ions, this technology to purify the purifier energy efficiency has more Significant improvement, the current market, Bo true month net negative ion air purifier and other products have been fully meet the efficient purification standards.
Although the darkness of the wall affect the appearance, but at least prove that the negative ion products are effective, Li Gong suggested that the family can be used to replace the negative ion air purifier placement or the machine on the wall more than one meter from the location, but to ensure Good purification effect, still to be placed in the scope of human activities. Because it is understood that even the world's leading negative ion technology, can only guarantee that the negative ion air purifier release of the negative ion range of 3-4 meters. Also use a period of time, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the negative ion air purifier release side, in order to avoid the black wall phenomenon.