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The effect of air purifier on life

Most of the time, life too many concrete things unite our attention, such as job, house, car, at the same time, the pressure of life is often tired of our hearts, so that we have no time to aware of those abstract part of life. In the course of time thinking inertia makes us feel that the car is the quality of life of the house that knowing is more pollution and ignore the air has launched a challenge to our health.

Vice President Chinese Environmental Science Research Institute researcher, said Chai CDCC held in Shijiazhuang in October 11th the Ministry of environmental protection of city environment air quality management forum, China whole city air quality in the world is poor, should pay more attention to the health of the public at the time of economic development. With the increasingly serious environmental pollution, and many interior decoration and decoration materials pollution, air pollution has become invisible killer affect human health. 68% of human disease associated with air pollution, indoor air pollution to WHO is classified as category 18 carcinogen head.

The reason for the poor environment of the city Chinese at present, Chai CDCC said, emissions and pollutant emission intensity is high, the unit area emissions per unit of GDP is higher than that of foreign countries many times, this is the fundamental reason. In addition, he believes that the most important reason is the way of development, including too much emphasis on the economic structure of high energy consumption, high pollution enterprises. In recent years, coupled with the rapid increase of motor vehicles, mainly taking coal as the main energy structure, are the factors that cause serious pollution.

The rapid development of economy, people's quality of life has improved steadily, a variety of high-tech products gradually fill people's living space. But in the modern living convenience, increase in almost all things surrounding the quality at the same time, the air quality has declined, the transparent air became more and more abstract and concrete. People always used in all the busy fall, from the bustling noise found in most of the really precious, to implement itself is healthy, so also opened the market for air purifier prosperity.

In February this year, the State Council issued the new ambient air quality standards > revised < increase PM2.5 monitoring index.PM2.5 commonly known as particulate matter into the lungs, because it contains large amounts of toxic and harmful substances, the impact on human health and environmental quality of the atmosphere is very large. Since PM2.5 began monitoring, everyone on the air quality significantly enhance the degree of concern the air purifier, a time to become hot. Although the market is hot, but there is suspicion. Imitating the Buddha slightly flashy without substance

Indeed, although the air purifier market fiery, but the audience popularity rate is not high. The air pollution is serious at present, for air purification products purchasing power have continued to slump, the reason is worth pondering. In fact, the air purifier attitude, consumers generally maintain a relatively vague concept, there are many the misunderstanding of this one, mainly in the following aspects:

First, the ventilation window can purify the air, improve the indoor air quality. If the outdoor environment is good, ventilation can improve the oxygen in the air, decreased the concentration of toxic gases. However, if in a heavily polluted area, outdoor pollution is more serious than indoor, will lead to our environment even worse. So the traditional the ventilation can not only improve the air indoor environmental pollution, pollution is likely to increase in intensity.

Second, for sterilization, to smell, formaldehyde in addition to these problems, each brand of air purifiers can do. To completely remove bacteria, to smell, in addition to formaldehyde, requiring air purifiers adopted purification technology is quite scientific, exquisite.

Third,The air purifier has the function of purifying the air,


Skin and other additional features make an unnecessary move.

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life,

The purifier on the market is not only in the air purification Department

On the level of reason,

It has a lot of additional functions

These additional functions can improve people's lives alone

Enjoyment beyond,

It also plays a role in air purification

For example, humidification function of air purifier,

On the one hand

On the other hand, it can effectively increase the life of the net ion group,

Keep the air clean for a long time

With the development of economy and science and technology,

The destruction of the environment is becoming increasingly serious,

Life pressure is also getting bigger and bigger,


Some "urban diseases"",

The incidence of "modern civilization disease" is gradually rising. Clean and fresh air is not only helpful Physical and mental health, but also help relieve stress, relax.